…and the real me?

I may have to come back and edit this a few times as this is not a question I ever pose to myself.   Writing this post may be enlightening for me.

  • Ethnicity & Family:  I am first generation American.  My parents were both from the same town in Co. Kerry, Ireland and life moved them around quite a bit.   I have two older sisters who were born in South Africa and my parents eventually wound up in New York where I was born.   My parents eventually retired to Ireland, and my father died of vascular dementia about three and a half years ago.  My sisters live in Edinburgh, Scotland and Seattle, Washington and I have two adult nephews that live in London.   I hold both US and Irish passports.
  • Schooling:  We lived in several New York boroughs and I went to four different public schools, a Catholic primary school and then ended up following my sisters to an all-girls Catholic boarding school in Ireland which I enjoyed immensely.
  • Hobbies & Interests:  I live to travel and I’m active, even on vacation.  I never really considered myself as athletic until I was recently talking to some friends from boarding school and they recall me being a strong field hockey player.  It got me thinking about my other hobbies and many are outdoorsy/sporty.  On my travels, I particularly like to hike, bike, and horseback ride. I enjoy visiting cities but every day they become more homogenous; what really distinguishes a country for me is to get off the beaten path and witness life in the towns and villages.

Brain-dump of hobbies/interests: Horseback riding, hiking, biking, photography, yoga, music, dancing, swimming, tennis, scuba-diving, snorkeling, reading, gardening, the arts, I am somewhat of a foodie and am slowly returning to cooking!  I have attempted to take up running but it is one of the few things I’ve tried that I just don’t find enjoyable.   I guess I need to add blogging to the list now, too!

  • Languages:  I only speak English, but I’m fluent in several dialects: UK/Ireland, standard American, and Southern!   I have dabbled in Italian, Spanish, French but would love to seriously learn another language; perhaps there is more to come on this subject.

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Seattle by Vespa!
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