My career coach, Charlie

I have a career coach, Charlie, and during our introductory conversation I informed him that I wanted to change my life up, was wide open to do something different, and had no preconceived notions about what that might be.  I could sense a bit of suspicion from Charlie via the pauses in dialog.

Yesterday was my first visit to Charlie’s office.  He is nice-enough looking, older, white gentleman, much like many of the men I have worked with over my career; just saying.  We had a nice chat about my life, education, past employment, etc.

What you will find out about me in future postings is that I have lived and worked in several states, spent my high school years in Ireland, have traveled to over 40 countries, and have had some amazing life experiences.  Charlie stated that he found me very interesting and admitted that when I first told him I was wide open for change that he thought “is she for real with that?” but that now he knew I was being serious!

Charlie then walked me through an amazingly comprehensive website filled with all sorts of tools and resources to assist in my career transition.   The first thing I have been assigned to do is take several assessment tests that will help further explore my personality and how my interests and core principles influence my work/life decisions. Presumably the results will assist in identifying the work environments, occupational options, and industries for which I am best suited.   We meet again next Tuesday.

I learned a bit about Charlie, too.   He is an amazingly young looking 72 year old and an ex-Marine!  I’d put money on it that he could still “drop and give me 20” on command! He has had a varied career but has been in outplacement for 30 years and now only works three and a half days a week. He and his wife have a second home where they spend every weekend and where he lives in the garden and grows vegetables!  I like him, I think we’ll get along just fine.

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