Who am I professionally and how did I wind up in this spot?

I don’t think it is important or relevant to know exactly who I am, what specific title I held, or what company I worked for, but here are a few key professional points:

  • I am a native New Yorker and received a BSc in Finance and an MBA from a university in New York.
  • My first job out of undergrad was for a major bank in the Wall Street district.  I was employed there for four years and when the bank merged with a peer I went to graduate school.
  • After grad school I began working for a major consumer packaged goods company in New Jersey.   I didn’t enjoy that job very much, partly because of the culture, partly because it was my first experience in that industry so there was a steep learning curve and different language, metrics, etc., and largely because of the commute.   The second winter was the last straw!!   When the recruiter called, I was ready!!!  That company has since been acquired by a major pharmaceutical.
  • Next stop was an increased level position with another major consumer packaged goods company in Tennessee.  Moving to the south was a major life-changing experience, but I loved my time in Tennessee!   The company was then owned by a private equity firm and two years later was sold to a major international consumer product goods company whose U.S. headquarters were in New York.   I was asked to relocate, with a promotion, but declined the offer.
  • Miraculously, an old boss contacted me out of the blue at this same period in time. He had since moved on to a consulting firm and was working on a project for yet another major consumer packaged goods company in North Carolina who happened to be looking for someone with my talents.  Long story here is that I ended up with two offers, one from the consulting firm and one from the CPG company, at an increased position.  At that time I wasn’t interested in living out of a suitcase so moved to North Carolina.
  • I had been with the company in North Carolina for nearly fifteen years and enjoyed increasing responsibility and a promotion.

As I went through the above with Charlie, my career coach, it was amazing to note all the mergers and acquisitions that have occurred with my prior employers.   This is how life and careers are these days, nothing stays the same!

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