One of my equine friends

This is Dribbles (never let a kid name an animal). Doesn’t he look sweet? He really is a very nice horse, and a pleasure to ride, but apparently he has quite the reputation for being a bully in the pasture as witnessed tonight both before and after this picture was taken.

Like many other animals, you know a horse is happy when their ears are up (i.e. the photo) but not-so-good when they flatten them back. So back they’d go and Dribbles would make a charge at the other horses in the pasture sending the place into a frenzy!

I’ve never seen this side of Dribbles before, but apparently in the pasture he can go from horse to ass in seconds, or be a real jackass, or be a real horse’s ass, etc. Those terms all make more sense to me now. You can learn a lot about humans by watching animals.

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