Yeah! Its the weekend! Week 1 in review:

I need some structure!   My friend Rob, who was also recently let go from the same company, actually warned me about this but I thought he was referring more to finding things to keep myself busy and not becoming a couch potato.

What was happening to me was that I was still getting up fairly early, making my latte, but then all hell would break loose!  I was bouncing around between sorting through papers, to e-mailing, to blogging, to running out to the shops, to researching ideas, to thinking about getting rid of my landline, etc.   I was all over the place and not focusing on any one thing to a decent stopping point and I started to feel overwhelmed, not to mention that my house had become a total mess in the meantime!

My book club meets next Tuesday and yesterday I actually found myself thinking that I wouldn’t have time to read the book!  No time to read the book???  That was when I knew I was losing it!

I used to have a very clear routine: get up, get to work, a meeting at 9 o’clock, another meeting at 10 o’clock, two at 11 o’clock, etc.

Saying I need structure may sound like I am struggling to let go, but everything in life has some structure, even vacation and weekend plans, I just need to define something that works for me.

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