You’re never too old to be young

My housekeeper, Eloise, is older than either what my fridge would be in human years or Charlie, my career coach.   She used to be my friend Lacey’s housekeeper and when Lacey moved away she began working for me.   She was in her early 70s at that point, and Lacey moved away 10 years ago, so there you have it!

Eloise is a hoot, she always shows up with her jewelry on, her nails done, her pants pressed, and her skin is fantastic.   She certainly doesn’t look or act her age.

Today I had to break the news to Eloise that I was no longer working that I had to be sensible about my expenses.

We had a nice long chat during which she told me that she left her husband last year and was now in love with man four years her junior and has never been happier!   I called her a “cougar”!

Life’s funny, as are the places one can find inspiration!

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1 Response to You’re never too old to be young

  1. Lacey says:

    Go Eloise!!! So happy she’s found love in the arms of a younger man! Sad to hear you are letting her go though. Man, you are taking this simplification of your life to heart. Letting the cleaning lady go would be a desparate measure for me to be avoided for as long as possible!

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