Charlie gets inside my head

I’ve never been to a therapist, but Charlie must be the next best thing. It’s funny to let someone see so far into your head/personality in such a brief period of time. Today he called me whimsical, in the pixieish sense of the word.  I have actually been called pixieish once before, but thought it was due to the haircut I had at the time!

Over the weekend I took an on-line personality assessment test provided by the company Charlie works for and he walked me through the results yesterday. I wasn’t really surprised by the conclusions as I know myself pretty well and took the Myers-Briggs® test several years ago (ISTP).  What is confusing is how to apply the findings.

As a reminder from prior blog post, the objective of these tests is to help further explore my personality and how my interests and core principles influence my work/life decisions. The results should assist in identifying the work environments, occupational options, and industries for which I am best suited.

So what did I learn?  I like to have a clearly stated goal and then need to be left alone to delegate and deliver results.  I am a problem-solver that can sift through a lot of information quickly to get to what’s meaningful.  I am decisive, organized, concentrative, frank, and logical.  None of that should be surprising to anyone that knows me well.   At the same time, I am insightful, thoughtful/reflective, and like dealing with abstraction and thinking of new approaches.   I suppose that is not all that surprising either, but it seems like a funny mix of being very black & white on the one hand and being very “out there” and grey on the other.

To further complicate things, my interests are “off the charts” in the areas of innovation, creation, and looking at things theoretically; the test classified these results into the areas of “artistic”, “literary”, “musical”, and “outdoors”.   Again, those that know me know I love music, outdoorsy activities, and both the performing and visual arts, and here I am writing a blog!

I am also very dependable, ethical, and respond well to people that encourage trust and fairness, yet I have a mischievous personality.  I seem to be all over the place!  So how does all of this come together?

Charlie and I talked about whether I paint or play an instrument and I actually don’t do either, and have never wanted to do either!  Oddly, though, many family members from my mother’s side of the family have very strong artistic skills and I think I have a very strong color and design sense.  I once considered interior design as an occupation but I don’t think I would enjoy having to do it day in day out, and to other people’s tastes.

Ultimately, Charlie suggested that I start investigating some volunteer opportunities in the various arts organizations around town and see if there is any support/behind the scenes role that interests me and where my execution skills can be of benefit. I just so happen to be good friends with the current chairperson of the arts council so this could be interesting!  Something fun, if nothing else, and it would be nice to give back to the community.

First, however, I am working on another plan that may take me out of the picture, and country, for a while.

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