Just dip a toe in

Charlie, my career coach, likes to use the phrase “just dip a toe in” when advising about networking or exploring volunteer efforts, etc.  While he advocates both, he has seen a lot of people be too cautious to jump in or find themselves drowning by overcommitting their time and efforts.

Today I took Charlie’s advice both literally and figuratively by meeting my friend Tonya for a pedicure.

Tonya is a partner in one of the large law firms in town, has been very active in the local arts council for several years, and after 13-14 years or so knows me pretty well.   I highly respect her level-headedness, and her familiarity with the various arts organizations throughout the area make her the perfect sounding board for advice and insight regarding how I might play a part in either a volunteer or permanent position in this arena.

We had a nice chat, which included the plans I am working on to escape town for a while to accomplish a bucket-list item, so there is time to ponder those volunteer efforts.  I hope to share more on my escape plans next week once I have more of the logistics pinned down.

My deepest gratitude for the time today, Tonya!!

My toes?  “Belize it or not” by OPI®, my year round signature color.

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