Hold, please!

Today Charlie shared the results of my Strong Interest Inventory®, another personality test, and a very consistent pattern of interests and personal style is now sharply evident from the various tests I have taken.

My interest results are always in the areas of art, music, nature, and writing, but the Strong Interest Inventory® also provided some very specific occupations held by individuals with similar interests; i.e. photographer, technical writer, and geographer. All very interesting occupations to me but would I actually be good at making a living at any of these?  Who knows!

My personal style continues to reflect that I like to work with ideas and thoughts and prefer autonomy.   One knew scale introduced was “Risk Taking/Adventure” on which I scored at the extreme top end of the female scale and higher than the vast majority of men, too! Specifically, the Strong Interest Inventory® states “likes adventure and risk taking; appreciates original ideas; enjoys thrilling activities; takes chances”.   Yep, that’s me!  I guess that’s why I don’t seem so worried about the unknown ahead of me as it is just another adventure that I will presumably live through and the associated risks and chances are just part of the fun!  I would think most risk-takers are a bit anxious to just get on with it, too, which is what is making me itchy; I need some action, traction, something, this hanging around town right now is what will kill me!

Charlie and I ended today’s chat by putting my account on hold as I ready to head off to enjoy myself for a while.  We had discussed up-front that I would need to “escape” for a while so he was well aware that I was getting ready to skip town for destinations unknown.

So, now that I am overloaded with test results I have lots to think about as I head off on my first adventure (which I will disclose in the next few days).  I need to get out of here and clear my head!  I am in search of a good time and an ‘aha’ moment, hope I find them both!

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