Double body slam

About two months ago a woman I know gave me a verbal double body slam.  She would often say to me that she liked my spirit and fashion style (I can get crazy with color sometimes and have about 10 pairs of glasses), but on this particular day she had finally decided who I reminded her of … Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love!

OMG! is all I could say as I am so not a fan of either Ms. Roberts or that book/movie! Some of you reading this post know just how passionately I can go on about these two subjects.

“Why?”, I asked her! She told me it was because I seem so carefree and just do impulsive things like going off to all these crazy places and she thought that was great.  She meant well, she just didn’t know!

I tell you this story as I fear I may be likened frequently to this character/book in the weeks ahead.   Oh well, but there’s a hint for you!

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