Men of a Certain Age

Men of a Certain Age is a show on TNT® about some male friends dealing with mid-life issues.  It’s one of my DVR recordings.

One of the characters, Terry, played by Scott Bakula, is a struggling actor who has been working at his friend Owen’s car dealership this season.  He is charming and has been quite successful at the job but in the season finale (which I watched this morning) he quit.

Of course Owen was disappointed as they were both benefitting from the sales, and he is also concerned about what will become of Terry as he is extremely laid-back and his life’s passion is not a reliable source of income.  Owen encourages him to stay at the dealership and do the “artsy-fartsy” stuff on the side but Terry declines.

Terry’s girlfriend also conveys the same concerns and questions their relationship.  Terry asks for a year to prove/find himself.   Yet another sole in need of a “gap year”.  I wonder what will become of us!

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