So now that money is actually changing hands I am getting preparatory information from the school. All necessary teaching material is included in the course fees but I need to bring my own dictionary and should expect about one hour of homework per day. Homework!  Yikes!  That’s a flashback.

I also have a little more information about my accommodation in Siena, the street address, landlord’s name, phone number, etc.

As you might imagine, the students will be just that, students, considerably younger than me and therefore most of the accommodation options offered are home-stay (living with a local family) or shared apartments.

While I am prepared to rough it a bit, neither of those choices is something I can entertain so the school found me a little studio apartment.  I actually have two photos and it looks decent enough and has and a washing machine which is a huge plus but I’m guessing no dryer unless it is one of those crazy machines they have in Europe that can both wash and dry and take all day to do so!

The school says the apartment is very nice but in every e-mail they keep stressing that it is “very small” and is “only suitable for one person”.  For a European to say a place is small means that it is microscopic!  For them to keep stressing it can only fit one person, when you know how students can load up in a place, means I can likely stand in the middle of the room and touch the east and west walls and then turn 90 degrees and be able to touch north and south. Considering my sense of direction, I hope I’ll be able to find this thimble-sized abode!

A pixy-sized place for a pixieish personality!

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