Taco Tuesday!

I’ve been thinking a bit about the foods I might miss while I’m away.

The funny thing about other countries is that you typically don’t see much ethnic variety when it comes to food unless that country has territories or some sort of lengthy history or presence in another country (i.e. the U.K. and India).

So this week I have been eating some of my favorite non-Italian things that I doubt I will see for a while (or if I do, they probably won’t be made well, so best avoided):

  • A real American burger
  • Chinese food (or at least the American version of Chinese food)
  • A Turkey Reuben.  I enjoy panini though, so will have some good alternates!
  • Mexican!  Oh my, I could eat Mexican every day!   Restaurant, fast food, you name it! Unfortunately, you just don’t see much of anything Mexican outside of the NAFTA region! Food is one thing, margaritas are just impossibly bad in most other countries.
So today was Taco Tuesday at Qdoba!   I will miss my little crunchy amigos!

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