The final countdown

I really don’t like to pack so I have developed a very bad habit of putting it off to the last minute, so guess what I did today!

This morning I was literally cleaning the sh*t off my riding boots so I could pack them up. Good times!  All my shoes go into plastic bags from the supermarket before entering my suitcase to prevent cooties.

I have some funny little comfort items that I need to bring with me:

  • Zum Bar® soap that I get at Whole Foods.  So many scents, so little time!
  • Badger Balm® Sleep Balm. A little under the nose, on lips, temples, or other pulse points.  Works like a dream 😉   My sister turned me onto this a few years ago.  I love me some aromatherapy!  I think you can get this at Whole Foods.
  • Salted and roasted almonds and pistachios for the plane.
  • A quart sized zip-lock bag full of those flavor sachets that make water more interesting.  I like the ones with pomegranate the best.  They were buy-one-get-one at my supermarket this week which was a plus!
  • My orange babouches! These are little leather slippers that they were in Morocco. I fell in love with them when I visited Richard Branson’s Kasbah Tamadot a few years ago.  I have been through many a pair since then but I e-mail the concierge when I need new ones and he sends me several pair for a reasonable fee.  Like the Marine and Mila Kunis, you never know till you ask!
  • Scarves!  All year round I love a scarf.  In the summer I need cotton ones to protect my neck from the sun.  I think some of my friends think it odd, but what can you do.
  • Kinesys® sunscreen.  I love this stuff!   It sprays on dry and you don’t have to rub it in or anything.  Available at retailers catering to outdoor activities.
  • A few pairs of eyeglasses.  I have to mix them up!
  • A couple of Smartwool® tops and socks.  Some of their stuff is extremely light weight and wicks well in the heat and prevents odor.
  • A few pieces of personalized stationary in case I need to write a note or leave a tip to someone who has helped make my adventure remarkable.
Apparently in Italy you can’t provide towels to guests unless the establishment is an official hotel.  As I am staying in an itsy-bitsy studio in Siena I need to bring my own towels!  Lesson #1, towels in Italian is “asciugamani”  (ah-shoo’-ga-ma-knee.  Some words are particularly entertaining.  Asciugacapelli is hairdryer so you can see the common factor for drying.  Asciugare is the verb ‘to dry’. Dry hands, dry hair.  For those who didn’t know, the pasta called “capellini” means angel hair, see how it all connects?  The “ini” bit meaning small, or more fine in this case, for those little cherubs!

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