Anxiety? Not so much

What am I excited and worried about?  First, the pluses:

  • The food!
  • The wine!
  • The gelato!
  • Illy coffee, everywhere!  I’m a Starbucks-aholic in the U.S., but Illy is “to die”!
  • The countryside!
  • The art!
  • The music!
  • The shopping!
  • Vespas!, or some sort or scooter rental.
  • La Passeggiata, the leisurely evening stroll.
  • The Stendhal syndrome (more on that in a future post).

You may wonder why “The men!!” isn’t on the list.  The reservation is that Italy is renowned for its millions of “mammoni” (Mamma’s boys), there may need to be a future post on that subject.  If nothing else, just admiring the smoldering eyes, stubble, and glorious hair will be worth the trip, at least on men young enough to still possess all of the aforementioned!

My friend Kim thinks I’m going to meet a Swiss guy named Fritz!  My landscaper reminded me that George Clooney is not that far away at Lake Como!   I like the idea of George for several reasons, including the fact that he doesn’t want to marry!

I digress!  The worries?

  • Where will I get my hair cut?

Not a bad trade-off!   Phew, I’m tired from all the exclamation marks!

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1 Response to Anxiety? Not so much

  1. Ann says:

    The answer: don’t get your hair cut. Trust me on that.

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