Firenze (Florence)!

I’ve arrived! What’s more, my bags have arrived, too!  I consider myself well travelled but my bags have been to many more places and it is a small miracle that we are here together!

Using my current Italian skills, I was able to successfully check in and ask some basics like whether breakfast is included in the room.  Per the gentlemen at reception, I had only one gender error, so that was good!  I was then offered a cappuccino and some lovely little pastries which were welcomed and delicious!

I have also already added some new words to my vocabulary relating to neither the wifi connection nor the safe in my room working properly.  The wifi has been remedied, as evidenced by this post, but I am waiting for the ‘technician’ to come and fix the safe. La casaforte is safe in Italian.  That’s cute, huh?  The ‘safehouse’! Some words you can almost make a wild guess at, hmmm, what words would I splice together to make “___”.

As I wait, I watch The Ghost Whisperer in Italian!  A guy I once worked with had a gorgeous Columbian boyfriend, Ricardo, who learned to speak perfect English just by watching the soaps.  I think it helped his flare for the dramatic, too!

Hopefully I’ll get out of here soon!  It’s a beautiful day, 85 degrees and sunny, but not humid.


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