I’ve hit a bad point

My hotel is on a triangular point where two streets converge. One street is Via Tripoli and the other street is Via dei Malcontenti, “the street of the malcontents”.  Two bad options, at least considering the current geopolitical situation. Maybe it should have been seen as a premonition.  I just hope its all easy going from here!

I am worn out!  It is about 10:30 here (4:30 U.S.) and I have been up since about 6am yesterday, U.S. time.  Plus, I have had three small glasses of wine which is a lot for me in the first place but I couldn’t resist the prosecco offered when I arrived back at the hotel tonight!

I had a late start today due to the casaforte so spent most of the afternoon / evening just ambling around and trying to re-familiarize myself with Florence. It has been a while since I have been here.  I spent a lot of the time getting lost and “dov’e” (where is) was definitely my most used phrase today.

So I enjoyed la passeggiata, the evening stroll endemic to the Italian culture, and ended up at a little trattoria not far from the hotel and had one of my favorite Italian dishes. They called it Spaghetti Romano but from the description I could tell it was the same sauce as Penne all’arrabbiata which has a nice chili pepper kick to it.  I also had  a 1/4 litre of vino rosso which pushed the jet lag into high gear.

tarallinisnack - hotel home

Upon returning to the hotel, there was a whole new offering of foods. This morning it was pastries, this afternoon it was finger sandwiches and some cookies. This evening it was tapenade, some more cookies, and some more sandwiches using focaccia as the bread.

Lord, I’m in trouble!

I make focaccia so I know how much olive oil is in there but, oh, it is so good!  I had to step away from those as I needed to have some of the little “tarallini” cookies, some tapenade, and a glass of prosecco.  Basta! Enough!

The little tarallini look like tortellini, which mean bellybuttons, supposedly Venus’. I am not sure what tarallini means so will need to ask the concierge tomorrow.

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