Santa Croce, anyone who was anyone would die to get in

My hotel is just a short walk to the church of Santa Croce.  It is chock full of famous dead people so I popped in to pay a visit.

I had forgotten just who was buried here, the most controversial being Galileo who was denied a Christian burial until 1737. His tomb is lovely, so the wait paid off.

Galileo keeps company with the likes of Michelangelo, Dante Alighieri, Machiavelli and Rossini.  Dante is one grumpy looking dude, I am including a photo of the statue of him located just outside the church plus a close up of the bust from his tomb so you can see what I mean.

I wonder what the Santa Croce version of A Night at the Museum would be like if these guys could all wake up and meet each other.




Dante's tomb


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