My classmates

After taking my written and oral exam, I was placed with the students who are starting week 3 classes.   There are eight people in my class, half of them started together two weeks ago and the rest of us joined today.

I don’t know all their stories yet as today was only day 2, but here is the initial run down:

  • Jennie – Swedish, 32, a student in Stockholm.  Her boyfriend, also Swedish and in Stockholm, speaks fluent Italian so encouraged her to take some courses when she showed an interest in the language.  She also speaks English, which she learned in school from age 8 and has spent a total of about 3 years (spread out) in Ireland which helped firm up her English.  Jennie has been her two weeks and is taking a four week course, so this is the start of week 3 for her.
  • Paulette – Lebanese but living in Sidney, Australia.  She is a gynecologist and she is grasping Italian very well.  Paulette has also been here two weeks already. This is meant to be her last week but she is looking to extend.  After Italy she is going to see her parents in Lebanon before returning to Australia.
  • Judy – American, from Philadelphia. I am guessing mid-50s. She teaches music, string instruments (viola, violin).   She has been her two weeks and this is here last week.
  • Linda – Australian, I’m guessing somewhere in her 50s.  She was absent yesterday but I heard about her and when she arrived to class today the descriptions I was given were spot on.  She seems intent for this to actually be an Eat, Love, Pray experience.  She was all glammed up for class today, dress, jewelry, sunglasses, tan, short blonde haircut. She has apparently has misplaced her Dolce & Gabbana scarf somewhere.  The Diva of the class, no doubt.  From what I understand she has been here for a few weeks and is staying in Italy through March!
  • Maerve (mare-vay) – Turkish.  She started yesterday, like me.  Probably in her 20s, very cute.  I haven’t had a chance to speak with her.  She is with a friend so they aren’t inclined to mix as much as the rest of us so much.  She speaks Turkish and English, at minimum.
  • Mirac (Me-rach) – Turkish, Merve’s friend, same as above.
  • Martin – German, from outside Munich.  He started yesterday, too. He is probably in his 30s, very quite. He doesn’t speak English so when the rest of us lapse into it at breaks or such he can’t join in.  We can only speak so much Italian before the conversation becomes too complicated and we lapse into English.  Poor Martin!
  • Marco – German, from Munich.  He also started yesterday. His father is Italian but doesn’t speak it at home (because they live in Germany and he is married to a German) but the family business is importing wines and olive oils from Italy so Marco has some foundation in the language and also wants to be in the family business.   He will be here four weeks.  He will be 21 in December.   He speaks German, English and French.  He is very cute and wears expensive clothing (i.e. has a pair of Tod’s on today) so it is a shame I am not much younger nor have someone to introduce to him!
Our l’insegnante (teacher) is Roberta.  She is a lively, skinny little thing. She will not speak any English to us.  If we find it impossible to say what we need to in Italian she will let use describe the word / phrase we are trying to find and she will write it down or tell it to us verbally, in Italian.  Similar to how kids pick up languages, we have to figure it out.  Of course, we have dictionaries, etc., to help.
So far it is interesting, fun, but is very hard, too!  You really need to pay attention to all the nuances, especially as all nouns have a gender and the adjectives used with them have to match the gender. The prepositions are the killers, though!  My God they are confusing! I will likely take some private lessons so I can practice getting them right!
I must run, Jenny, Marco and I are going to have a late lunch!  

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  1. Lucy says:

    All of these articles have saved me a lot of headaches.

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