Il supermercato

Fortunately, il supermercato is just around the corner from the school and convenient to my little flat.  I have popped in every day so far!

Supermarkets are always so interesting, what foods do / don’t they have, how the check-out lanes work, what type of people shop there, etc.

My local has the typical handheld baskets but in addition to the regular handles there is an additional handle that can be extended so you can drag the basket around the shop.  There is something both humorous and unpleasant about this to me.  Somehow dragging it around reminds me of a dog with an itch issue.

As you might imagine, there is plenty of wine, mostly red from Italy.  The Chianti Classicos run about €4-6, on average.  There is a lot of pasta, both dry and fresh, but very limited sauce options.  I assume buying sauce in Italy is like buying Ice Tea mix in the South, it is just not done!

There is a very bad choice of cereals. Emma, my landlady, says Italians really just don’t eat them and if I want muesli, or something similar, I need to go to the health food store.  Roberta, my Italian instructor, told us this morning that a typical Italian breakfast is some sort of caffè and a couple of biscotti.

Yesterday evening my trip to the supermarket included running into Linda at the checkout line.  We chatted through the line and for a few minutes after we left the shop, I’d say 15-20 minutes all told.  I am not quite sure I could convey in this blog, in the same amount of time, what I learned about her!

To put it simply, she has been in Italy for several months already and plans to be here a full year. She sold her house, the whole bit. She is not progressing in the course (keeps repeating where we are right now) as she has had several distractions; i.e. a Marco, a Michael, and a few other nameless ones, but is also just not feeling herself.  She is recovering from a very bad divorce (no surprise there).

She also prides herself in her ability to be seen at all the right places, i.e. she was on the TV at the Royal Wedding and at the last America’s Cup race (what TV, I don’t know), was interviewed at the July Palio, and there was mention of yachts and other such follies of the rich. She is obviously quite open about her life and she readily admits she has had, and is in, a lot of pain as she is not used to being alone.  She seems like a nice woman, just perhaps loaded with too much drama for my liking.

We’ll see….

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