No, not the band some of you may recall from the ’80s!  In this case it would be the Italian version of OMG, “O Mio Dio!”

Why?  The drums were rolling when I headed home yesterday evening so I went to see what these crazy “Oca” were up to now!

I found a few of them in a small courtyard adjacent to the nearby convent.  Young guys practicing flag throwing for the Palio.  There was a drummer, two flag bearers, and one hanger-on.

Not only was it entertaining, but one of the flag bearers was just gorgeous!  There was girl in her 20s standing near me who was simply transfixed.   I caught her eye at one point and gave her a knowing nod and she just widened her eyes at me as if to say, “Can you believe him?”  No words needed!

My point-and-shoot camera doesn’t do him justice. I’ll have to start carrying around my DSLR/zoom lens!

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