Linda, part duh

Linda is a diva extraordinaire!  You know the type, everything is all about her and no one has had experiences that come anywhere close to hers.

She is currently not working and I haven’t asked her why / what happened as asking her a question is an invitation to a place I don’t want to go.  I do know that she worked in Australia’s Foreign Office but don’t know in what capacity and don’t plan on asking (refer to prior sentence).

Several of us went to lunch last week and she somehow she found a reason to take out her computer and show us some photos.  Of course we are all supposed to ooh and aah.  She had a very good photo of the royal couple in their carriage after the wedding and weren’t we amazed at how close she was to them (as were literally hundreds of thousands along the route).  I remarked that my friend Ann had a similarly close photo of the Queen .. that didn’t go over very well.

She then showed us pictures of a boy-toy she has at Lago Como but it looked like the photo was in Dubrovnik so I asked her about it and she said that it was actually in a town in Puglia (the heel of Italy) and I was then able to identify the town as Otranto as I have been there, on a bicycle.  She went on about her last assignment in Budapest (I’ve been there twice), so you can imagine how this started to go and that I now get the cold shoulder.  Understand that I am not trying to compete with her or rub anything in her face, I was trying to find topics on which we could make some small talk but it is a no-go.

In class on Friday we were asked to write a conversation in groups of threes and I ended up with her and she decided that she wanted the conversation to occur while having tea, “English Breakfast” to be specific.  I said I liked English Breakfast, too (as do millions, its just tea for God’s sake!), which came with the retort of, “Well, do you know Mr. Twinings?” to which I answered “No” and she stated, in English, and in a little snitty Australian accent with a flit of her head, that she did! My goodness!  I thought we were writing a pleasant conversation in Italian! Jennie, one of my other classmates, told me they all heard about Twinings already.

Over the weekend she went to see the boy-toy, Jörg, 29 (she’s 51) and apparently witnessed the aftermath of a terrible accident in which at least one car caught fire.  She was still so upset about it this morning that she could barely recount the experience but she did manage to take some photos!?

Everyone at the school knows who Linda is, and knows pretty much everything about her. I’m just so glad she is not American!

All in all, in itsy-bitsy doses she is amusing to watch but I worry that the two other classmates that she has befriended are both finishing up this week.  What then?

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