It is a remarkably small world after all

Yesterday afternoon I was at the school in the common area where students can access free wifi and I saw a student with a gorgeous picture of herself and a horse as the screen saver on her laptop.  I asked her if she rode and she said she did.  Long story short is that she lives just 20-30 minutes from me in North Carolina!  There are not a lot of Americans here (at the school, at least!), so it is remarkable that we both come from North Carolina never mind just such a short distance apart.

There are several students from as far away as Brazil (3!), Japan, and Australia.  Naturally there are also many from Europe, countries such as Spain, Germany, Sweden, England, Holland, Switzerland, and Denmark.

I find that many students have been here or plan to be here for a long time (i.e. several months to as much as a year).  It is very hard but a lot of fun.  It is just like being back in college where we are in class all morning and then have homework due the next day.  The homework takes a lot of time as there are always many words we have to translate just to understand and do the exercises!

We are all in the same boat which is good as it fosters friendships, etc.  There are very few people here with friends or spouses, so again it is like college in that most everyone tries to be social and the school organizes activities, etc.

Siena itself is also a very comfortable place to be as there is a University and a couple of language schools so you always see people studying at the bars, restaurants, etc., either alone or in groups.

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