Monday mix-up

New students arrive on Mondays so odds are your class will have some new faces.  Last Friday was Judy’s last day (the other American that was in my class) and this Monday two new students joined:

  • Bob – early 50s, from Amsterdam, Holland; a translator.
  • Ekhart – early 40s, from Stuttgart, Germany; an electrical engineer for Bosch

The two Turkish girls moved out of my class into one the next level up.   I don’t think this level existed last week when they joined the school (i.e. there weren’t enough students to form the class) but they are now in a class of four.

The whole thing is very transient, as people come and go and are at all different levels!   This coming Friday will be the last day for Martin (engineer from Germany), Paulette (Lebanese gynecologist from Australia), and Jennie (student from Sweden).

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