Funky Fridays

Fridays are a sad day as many classmates leave the school.  Last week it wasn’t so bad as I had only been here a week and Judy (the other American that was in my class) was the only one that left that I had gotten to know in any way.

Today quite a few people left, those that I have mentioned in my blog:

  • Vera, my friend from Sao Paola, from the advanced class
  • The two crazy Spanish ladies from the advanced class.  The Bull / Matador one still scared me at the end but she really seemed to like me for some reason and it helped to talk to her in Italian

 Then from my own class, three left today:

  • Jenny – my new Swedish friend
  • Martin – the engineer from Germany.  I didn’t get to know him well as he didn’t speak much English at all and his Italian was sorted of grunted out so it was hard for me to understand
  • Paulette – I have to admit I won’t miss her much.  She took a dislike to me almost immediately for some reason so we never bonded.  It was also a bit peculiar, though, in that I can’t recall her ever even asking me anything about myself and there were times where she seemed to deliberately arrange to do things with other students from my class but made sure I was unaware of them (i.e. not in the room when the matter was discussed, etc).  I don’t know what it was all about, but c’est la vie (some French for a change!)

Jenny treated me to lunch today and I helped her to/at the bus station.

Next week there are apparently 40 new students arriving at the school!  That is double what we had this past week but I m not sure of how many are leaving.  Who knows how many will be in my class.

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1 Response to Funky Fridays

  1. Jennie says:

    I still can’t come to terms with not being in Siena. Not sure what to do. Though just wanted to tell you I got home safe n sound. Bus to Roma was late, had to wait another 40 minutes before it arrived at the Gramsci bus stop. Train from final stop in Rome to airport was late, which means I arrived approx. 50 minutes before take off. Lady who checked me in only said; “Jennie, BYE!!” as soon as she was done, didn’t even bother to tell me where to go to get through security.
    Regardless of that rush my flight ended up being an hour late (thoo I was on time) and didn’t. But arrived in Stockholm just after midnight, Thomas met up and we got a taxi back to my place. (Sorry for telling you all the boring stuff when I could’ve said “Got home alright, miss you already!).

    Hope “i compiti” for monday won’t be too hard on you, and (if you remember) Do send my best wishes to Roberta and our classmates, miss the lot already!


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