You’re either an other or a mother

After Kate’s birthday lunch, Linda asked me if I wanted to get a drink.  I had to be back at the school in ½ hour for a tour of the Battisterio di San Giovanni (Baptistry) which was just about enough time for another prosecco (after the one at lunch).

I’m having a hard time relating to many of Linda’s emotions. She is feeling insecure about being alone and used the phrase that “you’re either an other or a mother” which I found amusing.  I guess it is an Australian saying but it certainly sums up the fact that so many women seem to identify themselves so heavily as being a caretaker or being part of a relationship that they can’t find themselves when that part of their life changes or is over.

I reminded her that every single student at the school (there’s about 40 of us) had to get up from some foreign land and get on a plane and leave our comfort zones behind to come to school in Siena.  None of us really knew what we were getting into, between the country, city, language, school, living accommodations, social situations, etc.  It takes a lot of strength to do that but she did it, and there are 39 other people currently in the school that also did it.  Maybe she has more emotional baggage with her at the moment (and no doubt more physical baggage) but when she goes on about being alone or homesick I don’t think anyone has much patience for that kind of talk.

That’s what confuses me about her.  Somehow she had the chutzpah to do this, so it seems odd that she acts so very vulnerable and insecure at the same time.

Final words on this post are that I have received a few e-mails from people saying they find Linda to be an entertaining character (which she most certainly is), so I figured I will inject a few anecdotes as I go along.  She is, however, just a tiny piece of my day and can be quite draining so I need to keep a sensible balance!!

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