Mani-pedi smackdown

My toes are a disaster!  I have been asking around about where to get them ‘done’.  The Italians don’t seem to be into the mani-pedi thing, though.

The other day, at our morning break, Anna showed Linda and I a place close by that was suggested by the school.  Holy Moly they want €38 ($54) for a pedicure!   I said I wasn’t going to pay that price.  I can get a pedicure in North Carolina for $25 and that includes a glass of wine.

Lord, that Linda went on about how reasonable it was compared to Australia and that she pays $60 for her pedicure, yadda, yadda.  I said I didn’t need a paraffin wax and all that and she said it probably didn’t even include those extras; so, again, “Hello”?   I refused to make an appointment, restating that the price was just ridiculous and that I didn’t care what went on in Australia that it was simply unreasonable compared to where I came from and that I would do my own toes.

I got the Linda “humph” face which comes with a twist of the lip and she signed up for a facial.  God only knows…

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1 Response to Mani-pedi smackdown

  1. Jennie says:

    No facial will ever get her out of that nasty “humph” face. Sorry… 😉

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