Today I was the star pupil in class!! Who’d a thunk it!!!

At one point Roberta even asked why I was the only one answering any of the questions!

I can’t gloat, though, as there are just as many good days as bad. I asked Roberta if she could translate “there are good days and bad days” and Bob jumped in to say that you can’t just translate word for word and I said I understood that but surely the phrase is somewhat universal (we all feel this way at times). Anyway, I never got my answer and Bob was just reminding me of what a doofus I was yesterday!! He is not mean spirited, though.

I must run as we are all heading to Montepulciano this afternoon. Eckart drove his car from Stuttgart and it can hold all of us so the whole class is going except Marco. For some reason Marco chose not to come; a bit curious as a new student joined our class and she is very attractive, his age (she is 21, Marco is 20) and she smokes (as does he).

She is French, Elisa, and is only here for a week as she heads back to France for a Masters in political science. She has been in Spain (Salamanca) studying for the last two years so obviously speaks Spanish and is falling right into Italian.

A domani!! (see you tomorrow!)

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