Dining dangerously

I had dinner with Bob and Ekhart last night after we returned from Montepulciano.   We ate at a simple little trattoria near Bob’s flat (usually the best kind of places!).  I had to pop off to the ladies room as soon as we got there so let them know what I wanted in the event the waitress came by while I was away.

When I returned we had a bottle of white wine on the table and shortly thereafter our food arrived.  I just had a plate of pasta al pomodoro.

When we finished this course another bottle of wine arrived and apparently the boys had ordered a second course of food (primo and secondo courses are very typical in Italy, but usually too much for the ladies).  This was then followed by espresso (I never drink coffee after lunch) and then Bob also had an after dinner drink.

The bill arrived and I was given a slight break from splitting it in thirds but was obviously shafted in the deal.  This is a situation that is rampant in eating meals with class members where some eat a lot and others not much at all but then splitting the bill is not equitable.  This is not something that ever bothered me in the U.S. but it can be a crafty game here in Italy!

You learn to keep your eye out for the tricksters and I have a sharp on Bob.  As Ekhart drove us around today and wouldn’t accept any gas money (Linda and I offered, Bob did not) I couldn’t begrudge him, but Bob is losing favor with me.

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