Looney lunch with Linda

After my best day yet in class I was game to go to lunch with Linda yesterday.  She brought me to this little place not far from where I am living that she has frequented several times.

Linda, being the diva that she is, has made herself well known at the restaurant and the waiters and chef all came over to say hello and give her a kiss, etc.  It is all very Italian and I ended up getting a similar welcome and it was all very entertaining!

The chef was like a character from a comic strip!  He was actually a jockey for several contrade in the late 1960’s and proudly wears a huge L’Aquila ring and kerchief tie with the contrada symbol.

We had a wonderful lunch!   For once, Linda didn’t dwell on her personal life (which every one at school can recite in their sleep) primarily due to the fact that we split a bottle of Pinot Grigio and that in the middle of lunch some unattractive but very humorous guy showed up with a guitar and started to stroll through the Via playing and signing and it was just so cliché that we were laughing like the schoolgirls we are and chatted with him as he tried to flirt with us, etc.

The guitarist asked if we were married I told him that Linda was available and that he should write down his number for her.

If there was ever a perfect ending to such a funny lunch, the guitarists name was Valentino!

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