I went with Linda to see an apartment after school today.   The size and cost of accommodations are a hot topic at school so we like to see what’s what when we can.

Linda is currently in a shared flat and is looking to find a place on her own.  So we went to see this place that (for me) seemed too far from school and was a bit dreary.   Very well lit places are a bit difficult to find due to the hills and multi-level buildings blocking the light much of the day.  The room she has at her current flat is very sunny but the rest of the place is quite dark and there is a smell of gas in the kitchen that no one can figure out!?  We may see Linda on the news when the place explodes (God forbid!!).

After lunch we popped into a lovely, tiny food shop which sells cured meats, cheeses, and all sorts of specialty foods typical to Tuscany.   Linda knows one of the owner (naturally), Antonio, and we were given a bread board with several selections of cheese, prosciutto, turkey, bread, pesto, etc.  Also a wonderful bottle of white wine.  All this was then followed by a little board of biscotti and two glasses of dessert wine!   Just a little gratuity for stopping in!

Then Antonio got on the phone to a friend who has two monolocali (studio apartments) to rent and made arrangements for Linda to meet this guy at the shop later.  I may join her for the experience.

This evening Echart, Bob and I are going into the Chianti region for dinner.

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