Cruising Chianti

Echart, Bob, and I headed into Chianti country on Thursday evening to celebrate Echart’s last night in Siena.

First stop, Castellina.  Yet another cute little Tuscan town.   We ate at a place called “La Torre” (the tower) which, remarkably, was right next to the town’s tower!  The ambience was great, the Chianti Classico wonderful, but the food was just okay.  I started with Ribollita which is a very hearty tuscan soup which is often times served with a fork!  I love this soup and haven’t been disappointed by it yet.  The second plate was mixed roast meats ranging from chicken, pork, quail, to pigeon!  It was simply too dry for me.

Bob had plenty to eat and had an espresso and an after dinner drink, too.  When the bill came I offered to collect cash from the boys and pay by credit card.  Interestingly, Bob said he would have to pay me later?!  I know from conversation that he likes to pay in cash so what was up here?  Did he leave the house without money?  I had to ask him two times the next day to settle up and eventually had to go with him to an ATM!

After dinner we decided to head to Radda in Chianti for a drink.  We arrived at about 11:00 pm and everything inside the walls was totally silent except for one little enoteca so naturally that is where we landed.  Radda looks nice and the road we took home to Siena was super twisty and had some lovely tree-lined sections so I may need to head back in the daylight someday!

Echart is one of those all around nice guys so I will miss him at school next week 😦

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