Capsule packed

Today Linda and I headed up to Monte Capanne which is the highest point on Elba at 1,019 meters.

To get there, you drive about halfway up the mountain by way of some lovely switchback roads with pretty views of several hilltop villages.  You then come to the cable car station which is how you get up to the peak.

The cars are actually little steel cages that look like capsules and have a maximum capacity of two adults and one child.  The cable does not stop to load / unload so to get on you stand on a square and your fellow companion stands on a separate square about ten feet away and as the capsule comes around a guy swings open the door and you hop in and squish over to the far side as fast and as best as you can so that your companion has room to hop in when the car swings past them.  Fortunately we were able to watch a few other people get on before us to get the idea. It was pretty funny.  I have never been in a cable car so tiny before!

The ride is very long and the views very pretty.

When we got close to the top we went into some clouds that had settled on the mountain so unfortunately didn’t have the perfect day for viewing but it was great fun nonetheless.  Apparently on a very clear day you can see as far as Corsica.

At the top there is a guy that helps you jump off one by one, which was a bit more nerve racking, and there is a little café that serves anything from water to liquor and crisps to panini.

Afterwards, we drove around the western edge of the island and landed back at Marciana Marina to enjoy beach for a while.

Most of my photos were taken with DSLR and I don’t have the USB gadget to upload my photos with me here on Elba 😦

The photo of the drinks board is for Ann as she has a thing for Pimm’s.

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  1. Ann says:

    Thanks for the shout out. 🙂

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