Taking it for a spin

On Sunday morning, the maintenance guy came to rescue Linda’s earring from the sink. He was a fairly attractive guy, mid-forties, nice blue eyes, good hair.  I think Linda may have been at breakfast at the time.

Later that evening, after Linda and I had dinner, we decided to have a drink along the edge of the ocean and who should appear and ask to join us but the maintenance guy, Mario!

It can be interesting trying to have a conversation in Italian after a few drinks, but with Italian men it is generally apparent what the underlying conversation is and then no words are needed in any language.  There was a lot of discussion about where we were living and that he would be in Siena in a few weeks, he gave us his phone number, and you can imagine the gist of it all.

After our drinks, Mario escorted us back to the hotel.   He had one of those motorized bicycles with him and Linda decided she wanted to give it a try.  She is game for most anything and loves to flirt so this was more or less expected.

It was now at least midnight, maybe more like 1:00am, and off she goes speeding down the road making several risky maneuvers.  At one point she was about to have a collision with a car and because of her inebriated state and unfamiliarity with how to control/stop the bike, she toppled right over onto the road!

I must admit that Mario was very considerate and asked several questions about whether she was all right before even looking to see if anything had happened to the bike (which looked fairly new and had been in good condition)!

So we continued on, Linda now limping which had some damsel-in-distress side benefits, and Mario suggested a swim in the hotel’s pool.

Linda was convinced Mario was interested in me but I wasn’t the one that took the spin on the bike and wasn’t about to be taken for one, either.

Apparently nothing much exciting to report about the balance of the evening although attempts for something more ‘adult’ where suggested.  I believe this to be true as Linda does have a certain level of standards, too.

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