Men are from Mars…

There doesn’t seem to be any study groups at school which I find odd.

A week or so ago Linda and I started to meet to do our homework. She keeps pretty good notes and I have more of an intuitive approach so we learn from one another (at least we think we do!).

As we are the only ones in class that have English as our mother tongue we find the same things awkward so it helps to talk about them together.  For instance, in Italian the word “people” is a singular female noun, and you use definite articles before all nouns except  when referring to your own family members…however, if using a diminutive, then you do use the definite article.  Examples are “the my friend”, but just “my brother (no “the”), but “il mio fratellino” (the my little brother).  This is odd for us as we have never thought about nouns this way.

The flip side of this is that Linda has soooo much drama going on and can hardly sit still or keep focused on the task at hand for more than a few minutes.

In the beginning, I had to listen to about an hour of woe-is-me before we could actually get down to doing the homework!  All the time my head was split between “I’ve heard 90% of this before” and “how the hell did I end up here and how do I get out” to “do I have bills to pay on-line, jeez I haven’t checked on that in the last few days”!

Honestly, I don’t know how she can talk so incessantly about such boring stuff, and she regurgitates stuff about her past that is all water under the bridge!

In the personality tests I took through outplacement I have scored as a very high “T” (thinker) which is typically more of a male trait vs an “F” (feeler) which is typically more of a feminine trait.  As such, I have a very strong appreciation of the notion of a “man cave” and can completely understand how men just zone out when women rattle on.

I have been totally pushed to that place with Linda and my head is in one world while her mouth is in another.  It is pretty simple sometimes as I know to just say “I know” and “You just need to let it go and move on” when I hear the tempo of her voice change in such a way that I know she is looking for some feedback.

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