Oggi era il mio ultimo giorno di scuola (a Siena)

Oggi era il mio ultimo giorno di scuola = Today was my last day of school!

I can’t believe it has been four weeks already. School has been very hard as I don’t speak another language so have nothing to reference.

Other students come through the class already speaking multiple languages.  Some actually teach other languages (as do Andrea and Susanne who were on my outing to San Gimignano and Volterra).

Those that know French and/or Spanish just fly through the class as these languages are so similar to Italian.  It is amazing to see but pisses me off, too!  Ha!  I am very envious!

This last week was particularly hard as we moved from Advanced Beginner (principiante) to Elementary (elementare) which came with four new verb tenses and while that has certainly been a challenge (as are those frigging pronouns!), the bigger issue for me now is my vocabulary.

Most of the students at this level arrive at the school after having studied Italian for a while and, like I say, know other similar languages so they have healthy vocabularies or know how to switch the words up to convert them to Italian. So they have the words and now want to advance their grammar and conversational skills. I can actually still keep up with reading and listening but I don’t have the memory bank of words in my head to participate or keep up in the conversations the way I want to or need to. I simply can’t store and recall all the words and verbs I hear!

I am not sure of my next step.  I am “off” from school next week as Monday is a holiday and Palio is Tuesday so paying for the week didn’t make much sense.

Then I go to Firenze (Florence) for a week of school but I am not sure what to do once that is finished.  I want to keep going but at the same time wonder if I just need some time studying what I have learned so far and doing repetition / revision and word drills and all that sort of stuff before jumping back in.

Why is life so difficult?  🙂

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