The procession of wax

Sunday evening, before going to watch the third Palio test, a group from the school met with our guide, Serena, to watch the Cortea dei Cera (the procession of wax) at the Duomo.  I love the Duomo!  The stripes are so jazzy!

Monday is The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and this procession commemorates the religious holy day and has some other mixed traditional history for the Senese.

Back in the day, it seems that candles/candle wax were quite costly and, as a protectorate, Siena collected wax as a tax from the surrounding villages.

I didn’t fully understand how the “corteo dei cera” became connected to The Assumption but tonight is the celebration!

The celebration morphed over time and now the children of the contrade voluntarily bring decorated candles to the Duomo to celebrate the The Assumption.

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