The Palio! Giraffa by a neck!

Actually, by much more than a neck!

Fedora is the name of the winning horse, Giraffa is the winning contrada!

As the horses rounded the track for the third and final time they headed into the most dangerous curve of the track “San Martino”, where there is literally Formula I padding lining the barricades.

Lo Specialista was in fourth position!  I knew he had it in him to pull this thing off and outrun the others!

They entered this “suicide” corner and I saw the left hind leg of Lo Specialista slip out and the dust kick up and then we lost visibility of all the horses except the three in the lead!

Did they all go down?!  Oh no!, Lo Specialista!   There was no telling what happened exactly as that corner is so difficult to see.  All I know was Lo Specialista seems to have lost his footing first and then must have taken out the rest!   I am not entirely sure though!  All I know is that seven horses were completely out of the race now!

After this disaster, which made for a great race, Giraffa had a clean shot in winning!

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