The Palio! Piazza del Campo

It was about 4:00 by the time we reached the Piazza del Campo and Serena showed me the little alley I needed to take to get to my seat so I made a quick dash to find a toilet and some water as there is no leaving once you are in the Piazza.

My ‘posto’ (place, seat) was in Palco 37, seat number 40.   It was actually a very good spot!  A german woman now living in Australia who attended East Carolina University (!) sat next to me with her mother.

At about 4:50 the procession arrived at the Piazza! The pageantry went on for two hours as the dignitaries entered the Piazza followed by the contrade participating in today’s Palio (with their horse), then the contrade not participating, and then the “Palio” itself.

My goodness, I have never seen so much velvet!  The costumes are amazing, but it was about 91 degrees!  YIKES!  Plus, many of the men wear wigs!

During the preliminary activities, the Reggimento Carabinieri a Cavallo (Italian Mounted Police) rounded the course once in a walk and then charged the track!

Also a photo of my little butt cushion and a few of where I was seated to give you an idea.

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