Panorama del Duomo

Building of the Duomo began in the 12th century.  The goal was for the cathedral to be the largest in the world but the were money issues and the plague hit and yadda, yadda, it never happened.

The result is that what was supposed to be the transept is now the actual Duomo and the completed East wall of what was supposed to be the nave is now used as a panorama.

Climbing the panorama has been on my to-do list but the line is always so long (typically 45 minute wait) and it has just been so hot!  Then the Palio came along, too.

Anyway, yesterday I took the scala mobile (moving stairs, i.e. escalator) up to the Duomo and was ready and waiting to buy my ticket at 9:30.  It was perfect as there were no crowds yet and therefore no wait, either.

BTW, there is a good shot of my free “do it yourself” pedicure 🙂

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