Il mio ultimo giorno a Siena!

It is not all that sad, really.

Most of the people I became friendly with have gone or are close to leaving, and my toilet paper has just about run out so the conditions are perfect!

Linda left for a 3-week Greek cruise on Thursday, so Anna (the other North Carolinian) and Helen (the Australian) are really the only two left.  Anna doesn’t tend to do a lot of socializing, though.

Last night Helen and I went to Ristorante Bagoga on Vicolo della Macina.  It is the place with the comic book like character of a chef that has ridden in several Palios back in the late ’60s.  The food is very good and the atmosphere is great.   Helene hadn’t been there before and she also enjoyed it quite a bit.

In the last few days I have been trying to cover my to-do list.  Last night at dinner I finally had Cinghiale which is a local boar meat used in many of the Tuscan dishes.  It was good! It is typically served in a ground meat style with “pici” which is a spaghetti-like noodle made without any eggs.  I am not a big pici fan (I find it too thick) so I had Pappardelle Cinghialle.  Yum!

Today I ate at the little place on the hill up to school that I seem to pass at least four times a day. I took photos of this place when I first arrived in Siena as I thought it funny how they modified their chair and table legs to accommodate the hill!   It was good, but let me tell you that the cursive used in the menu was challenging!  After a minute or two it became easy enough to deduce but someone who didn’t know any Italian could easily be confused, I think!

I will include a photo of the wine list.  The header says “Vino rosso in bottiglia” (bottled red wine) and the third and fourth wines are “Chianti Classico” (does that look like ‘chianti’?), then a couple of wines from Montepulciano (a rosso and a nobile) and a rosso from Montalcino.  Is this easy to read?  Then figure out the ones I didn’t translate for you!

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