Palio pantaloni!

This is now tied as my favorite photo opp of the trip (along with the old people lined up on the bench in San Quirico Val D’Orcia).

These are the tights that the Oca contrada members wore in the Palio festivities!  Each leg of the pair of tights is different, one red/white leg and one green/white leg.  The first two pair on the left side of the line are the easiest to discern, then the suspenders of the rest of the pairs are hanging over the front.   They look a little ‘elfin’, no?

Not many people visiting Santa Caterina while I was shooting these understood what they were, I guess it can be a bit dizzying!  But when they asked why I was interested and I explained it to them they all found it very funny!

I’ll add the old people as a reminder!

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1 Response to Palio pantaloni!

  1. ns says:

    Great Shots, NotQuiteAMidLifeGapYear! I wish I’d seen that one!

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