Dante’s inferno

It is 5:30pm and 104 degrees without the “feels like” factor of being in a city.

It is really just to d*mn hot to do a bloody thing and my hotel is air-conditioned unlike many places in Firenze, so here I am!

I wonder about Dante now and when exactly he did his writing.  If it was in a summer like this I can understand what made his mind wander to hell and infernos!  It would also explain his cranky face!

I managed a short walk to the Ponte Vecchio after school this afternoon and took a few pictures; they aren’t in the best light, etc., but I really don’t care right now!   My mission was to get to the supermercato and back before I had a heat stroke!

Mission accomplished with a few cold drinks and a bottle of Vernaccia tucked in the fridge next to a nice chunk of Pecorino from Pienza!

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