San Miniato al Monte

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Tuesday it was just 97 degrees, so after school a bunch of us decided to hike up to one of the highest points in town with my l’insegnante (teacher), Viviena.

San Miniato al Monte is a basilica named after (guess!) San Miniato who was from Armenia (or maybe he was Greek, they are not entirely sure) and was a victim of persecutions during the time of Emperor Decius (249-251 A.D.)

The emperor first decided to throw him to a panther they had here in town at the time but seemingly the panther wasn’t interested in San Miniato so instead the emperor had him beheaded.

The legend finishes with San Miniato picking up his head and putting it back on his shoulders, crossing the Arno, and dying in a cave where the church now stands (or thereabouts).

One of the last descendants of Amerigo Vespucci was buried in the basilica in 1893.

Like a lot of martyrs, San Miniato ended up with a nice church with a nice view!

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