Once again, oggi era il mio ultimo giorno di scuola (a Firenze)

I must admit today was not one of my best days, and it has been a sluggish week.   I think it is largely due to the ridiculous temperatures we had to endure this week that really limited what you could do not just during the day but into the evening as the heat just never seemed to dissipate.

It was also my last day of class and although I didn’t really make any strong bonds, we classmates and our l’insegnante get to know each other pretty well as a lot of our coursework involves questions and answers regarding somewhat personal things about your life, hobbies, travel experiences, etc.

Also, you learn personalities by how the students conduct themselves in class; i.e. what their grammatical strengths and weaknesses are and how they deal with these issues when their turn is up to answer questions, etc.

There were two Japanese girls in my conversation class and one, in particular, was just the funniest thing!   She can’t speak Italian very well but she seems to understand the questions, etc. (this is typical, constructing and speaking sentences on your own is the hardest part!)

I just so happened to find this rubber chicken hanging upside down in Lucca!

I just so happened to find this rubber chicken hanging upside down in Lucca!

Anyway, today Yuko had to tell us what she wanted to be when she was a little girl and she said she had wanted to be a zoologist but she had a lot of animals and killed them all! A turtle, hamster, rabbit, parrot, etc.  The parrot was strangled!   At this stage we all know Yuko is a bit whacky and we were just cracking up at the fact that she strangled her parrot????   Long story short is that she had her vocabulary a bit twisted (easy to do!) and she didn’t kill any of these animals, the parrot got it’s foot caught in one of those feeding things they peck at and she found him hanging upside down in the cage the following morning when she went to tell him “Buongiorno!”. Instead, it was “Arrivederci”!

Yuko then had to explain what she has ultimately ended up doing (i.e. have any of us fulfilled our childhood dreams).  She explained she is currently back at school.  So I asked her if she was studying to be a mortician.

Yes, I can actually be funny in Italian (with the help of my dictionary!)

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