Palazzo Vecchio

Friday, after school, I headed to the Palazzo Vecchio which is on my way home.

The Palazzo still serves the role as Firenze’s town hall but also served as (one of) the homes of Duke Cosimo I (di’ Medici) who was the head of the Florentine state (the Grand Duchy of Tuscany) in the mid-1500’s.

The apartments are quite lovely; as usual, the ceilings are unbelievable.

Cosimo had a series of rooms decorated with virtuous woman for his wife, Eleonora, including a gorgeous little chapel aptly named “Cappella di Eleonora”.

Cosimo was the catalyst behind much of the artistic activity in Firenze.  He had a catwalk built between the Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi (which were just offices back then, “uffici” is the modern word for offices).  The Uffizi appropriately became the renowned museum of Florentine art.

Still today, as with any town hall, weddings take place.  I was fortunate enough to see a bride arrive in the funniest little VW wagon!  Good for her to have such a sense of humor!

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