The good, the bad, and the ugly

The good news is I had a wonderful day, the bad news is that I am worn out!  Sono stanca (I am tired)!  And, quite frankly, sono stinka!  Ha!  But this post will focus on the ugly!

I got up early to head to the Uffizi to make sure I could get a ticket for today.  As you might imagine, it is a very popular museum and tickets are assigned entry times and I did not have a reservation.  As luck would have it, I only had to wait about 30 minutes and in I went!

The first thing I came to was a small vestibule area with busts of what were once famous people.  This is right before you have to present your ticket for entry to see the real masterpieces, and I make this distinction because I have never seen such a collection of “ugly”!  My goodness!

See for yourself, but be forewarned that this may result in permanent damage!

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About Sophia la Vespa

I'm a sweet little Italian import exploring Seattle. You're welcome to follow me! 😉
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