Boboli Gardens

I got up early again this morning and headed off to the Boboli Gardens before it got too hot.   I don’t think I have slept late once since I have been in Italy!

The gardens are largely formal and were commissioned by the Medici a year after the purchased the Palazzo Pitti in 1550.

It is very hilly throughout the gardens and they are quite extensive so I got a lot of exercise (as if I haven’t been already!).

Everything about the gardens is large and glorious (typical Medici) but then I came across this tiny little modern fountain that was only about the size of my hand.  I wish it had been running!   In it are these two little heads coming toward each other, perhaps for a kiss? Perhaps he his helping her keep her head afloat?  Who knows.  Very cute, though!

The last thing were the grottos which were a bit strange.  The Grand Grotto (La Grotta Grande) has casts of Michaelangelo’s Quattro Prigioni (prisoners) built into the walls. The prisoners are struggling to free themselves from the stone.

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