Love is in the air?

I don’t know what kind of pheromones I was setting off today but it was another one of those “Italian men gone wild” kind of days.

It seems as though I was being watched on my way to the Boboli Gardens this morning by a guy selling art nearby.  I didn’t notice his stand on my way to the gardens as I was on a mission to get several things accomplished as I was heading to Lucca in the afternoon.

On my way back from the gardens his work caught my eye.  It is quite interesting. Paintings and sketches of buildings in Firenze but there are architectural elements to it and he has inscribed some sayings about the place, or Firenze, in Italian but it is written backwards (i.e. remember “redrum”!!!).

As I was looking at the pieces he brought up that he had seen me go by this morning and thought I looked like an “interesting lady”.  He got me laughing and after I bought one of his paintings he popped out a folding chair for me and I ended up sitting with him for a while.

His name is Joseph and he is originally from Lebanon but has been in Firenze for 30 years.  He asked me if I would have dinner with him tonight but I had to tell him I was heading to Lucca so it wasn’t possible.  Then came the typical questions of “Are you coming back to Firenze?”, “Can’t you change your plans?”, and such.  No where in there, though, was there any inquiry of whether I was married or involved…or vice versa!  These guys are too much!  He was really quite nice, though, and dinner might have been, too!

Then, after a long day, I headed to Lucca.  The concierge got the bus schedule screwed up (he must have forgotten today was Sunday) and when I got to the bus station I was told that the they next bus wasn’t for another hour and a half, so I headed for the train.

The train wasn’t my first choice as the station is outside of Lucca.  The cost of the taxi from the station was about the same as the train ride, or a glass of good wine!

I arrived at the hotel at about 8:00 and was very tired, and certainly wasn’t looking too good, but I went off for my reconnaissance trip to find the school.

As I was heading out, the guys at the desk were switching over.  When I returned, the new guy, Guglielmo, a big bear of a guy, was compelled to express his admiration to me!

At this stage, I have said about two things to him “Can I have a map” and “Can I also have the internet password?”.  I suppose these two things could be bundled up in such a way that they convey that I am in search of love in Lucca?

He was very upset that I was heading up to my room and wanted me to stay and talk to him and have some coffee.  He was gushing at how beautiful I am, “Bellissima!”, and that he loved my laugh, and all that.  This went on for about 10-15 minutes.  Did I mention that he worked at the hotel and that I am a guest?  As I headed upstairs, he had to hold my hand and kiss my face several times and as I rounded the corner of the stairs I looked down and there he was gazing up at me!

As funny as this was, it is also a bit unnerving that not only does this guy know where I ‘live’ but he knows what room I am in and there must be a second key and now I am wondering where the video camera is hidden!

These Italians are just too funny!  The words and affection just come so naturally to them, it’s a riot!  And where are their women?  They can’t possibly all be unmarried or unattached?  It’s too much!

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  1. Lacey says:

    This keeps me laughing!!!

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