Deja vu!

When Ann and I arrived back in Lucca (Friday night) it was about 9:00, just in time to have dinner and drink some more!  O Mio Dio!

We stopped by my hotel and my “boyfriend” Guglielmo just happened to be working tonight so Ann got to see this big burley bear.  He told me this evening (Saturday) that he has a son who is 42, which is not too far off my own age!

Ann and I headed out to restaurant “da Leo” which is another popular choice in town. This time the bill only came to €37 and yet again included a half litre of wine, and desert. Not bad!   As opposed to having a complete repeat of last night, I paced myself a bit better this time, and asked for a doggie-bag!

After dinner we took a stroll through town as there seems to be a new vibe in place.  The Puccini house that has been closed for renovations is opening on September 13th and there seems to be a number of festivities occurring this month that coincide with the reopening.

We both really just needed to crash tonight!  My goodness, vacation is rough!

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